Unearthing (New York City), 2016
Dixon Place, New York, NY

Unearthing (1 hour) is a performance that uses movement, storytelling, installation, and live-singing to explore Blackness, gender, and memory. While buried in a mound of dirt, glitter, paint, flora, and effluvia, the artist unearths formative moments from their childhood in which they had to reckon with and reimagine the realities of race and gender. First developed at the Hemispheric Institute for Performance and Politics at NYU, it has been presented at Stanford University, Dixon Place, and La Mama Experimental Theater Club. Read a review of the performance here

Written and performed by Kiyan Williams
Vocals by Kelly Erin Sloan
Movement by Linda La Sarabi and Jamie Niel
Sound Collaborator Byrell The Great
Chorus Miatta Kawinzi
Photo Documentation by Cristobal Guerra